The Russian Feminine Roundtable

Many men wonder why Russian women are so taken with tall Nordic looking guys. Tall Nordic guys are generally thought to have great work ethics and high levels of intelligence. These perks can be very enticing to Russian single women. They want to find tall Nordic guys to date because these qualities are exactly what they are looking for in a long term mate.

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The cultural differences are the biggest reason why Russian women are drawn to tall Nordic guys. The family is at the top of their priorities. Fathers are respected in every aspect of life including marriage. Fathers are the primary bread winner in the household. So Russian single women are very cautious about taking a husband that is only in it for the financial benefits.

Russian culture is also known for its early post-Soviet eras. Marriage in pre-Russian times was quite risky for a young married woman. The girl would be either widowed or divorced or leave the family altogether. Russian women were not allowed to advance in the workplace or seek higher education. So the cultural norms of Russian society are quite different when it comes to gender equality and sexual mores.

The internet has opened up a whole new world for western men to try and attract beautiful Russian women. There are online dating sites specifically designed for men from Russia and other eastern countries. These dating sites allow western men to meet Russian women and get to know them first hand.

Unfortunately, many of these sites have nothing to do with Russian culture or even ethnicity. Some have pictures of old Soviet leaders, which is funny because many of these leaders have already been deceased. Some websites have slogans that attack western society and claim that marriage between Russian women and western men is an inevitable cultural inevitability. This could not be further from the truth.

Russian women do not have to be brainwashed by the state in order to date western men. The problem lies with some western men who are spreading hate and ignorance through their online dating websites and other forms of online human rights activism. Some of these activists are so extreme that they are promoting acts of violence against gay men, women and religious groups.

Some of these activists would like to see the end of all independent cultural institutions in Russia. They would like to see all churches disappear or be converted into synagogues and mosques. They would like to see the end of all political freedoms of Russia and the freedom of worship that exist among many religious communities. It appears that these Russian women who are being married to western men are participating in a form of political activism among their own people.

Some have tried to boycott marriages between Russian women and western men however. These same women will hold rallies to support the pograform government. Such a stance only shows how backwards the Russian government and its citizens are. Many women who marry western men and wish to have children in Russia are simply following the example set by the communist government, which has made it mandatory for any Russian woman over an age of 21 to give birth within the country. It is amazing to see how far some Russian women will go to follow an ideology which would harm their homeland.

Another form of Russian political activism comes from radical feminist groups which are formed in Moscow and other Russian cities. These groups have called upon all foreign men to leave Russia and prevent them from crossing the border. This is a ridiculous demand however, considering that over half of all the people living in Russia are either foreign workers who work on the state’s construction sites or immigrants who have legitimate rights in the country. To see such radical groups turn to violence for attention is disturbing in itself.

The main thrust of Russian feminism is the promotion of human rights, freedom, and independence. Unfortunately, the same groups which call upon foreign men not to visit Russia have also called upon the government of Russia to protect its citizens from violence and political oppression by abroad. It appears that there is no balance of feminism in Russia and all extreme feminist movements have nothing to offer the Russian people. In fact they have only worsened already dangerous conditions for Russian women.

In order to promote true Russian values abroad it is important that we understand and promote a Russian woman as much as we understand and promote a Russian man. A woman in modern Russia is nothing like a doll in American or European culture. She has her own ideals, her own desires, her own dreams and goals, and her own group of friends and acquaintances. It is time that we understand this in Russia and support those efforts where possible. The interests of Russian women are just as worthy of representation as are those of any other gender, and a roundtable of Russian feminism would be an important first step in this direction.

Dewitt D. Anderson

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