Is Russian Ladies More Popular Than US Girls?

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Is Russian Ladies More Popular Than US Girls?

There is a very obvious reason why there are so many fraudsters amongst Russian women. They are bad, false urban legends about Russia and of making an overall negative impression of Russian women. But naturally, it’s all plain to see with this kind of people. They simply want to make some quick money from gullible men who have no clue what they’re doing. If you are one of them, then this article will surely help you.

As you may have noticed, many Western men seem to be attracted to beautiful Russian women. It’s not that they are inherently incapable of being beautiful – far from it – but rather it’s just that with the help of various stereotypes, their attractiveness is transformed into something totally different. Some would even say that beautiful Russian ladies are close to impossible to spot as being anything but a perfect beauty in real life. It’s simply ridiculous to see these women portrayed in such a way on TV or in the movies.

So how do you deal with these Russian ladies stereotypes? How do you stop being the victim of their cruel insults and absurd ideas? Well, the best way is to simply understand what Russian women are all about. You see, these women aren’t like western women at all. Here are some Russian ladies stereotypes that need to be busted:

First of all, Russian women are known to be conservative and religious. This means that they adhere strictly to both religious beliefs and cultural norms. Secondly, many Russian ladies are actually converts to Christianity. This is because the Russkies are also converts to Christianity and want to continue following the teachings of their beloved church. And lastly, many Russian girls are strict homemakers and don’t really enjoy having much freedom (including the freedom to choose whom she wants to marry).

OK, enough about that! How about some more Russian girls stereotypes? To start, many men are afraid of Russian brides because they are afraid of Russian women’s strong claws (both literally and figuratively). In fact, many men fear even getting close to these strong, scary women. This is why many husbands prefer getting married to young Russian girls who haven’t yet attained the status of an adult (known as svedienna in Russia).

Ok, enough depressing thoughts. How about some positive thoughts about Russian ladies? There are actually several advantages of dating Russian ladies over western women. Let’s start with the obvious advantage of having a big family to feed:

Western women generally don’t have children. On the other hand, Russian ladies do! And the larger the family the wider the scope of activities Russian ladies can participate in. If there are at least two parents in a family, then there will be more children to attend to!

Another big advantage is financial security. Russian women generally make less than western women – and definitely less than their western counter parts (since there’s no government welfare state in Russia – all salaries are still based on the country’s production capacity). However, it’s not completely desolate land down here! You can ask a Russian girl out for a lovely evening or lunch, and you’re almost guaranteed to find a seat next to a table filled with cold beers and sausages. And if you need cash, most Russian girls will be glad to exchange it for something that you’ve ordered for them!

Of course, you don’t have to buy a seat next to a table full of expensive food and drinks – a Russian lady will be happy to share! A common practice in Russia is for married couples to exchange wedding presents. This can include gifts such as rubies and sapphires. It’s considered unlucky to give an ordinary object of value to a bride – it’ll ruin her marriage and her future. However, if you insist on it, she’ll surely appreciate it!

Marriage in Russia is much more pragmatic that in western countries. Unlike in western Europe, a marriage doesn’t mean a contract between two people. It means an agreement reached between both parties. The couple agrees to live together for a specified period and according to its terms, they are then bound to marry each other. They may choose to exchange vows, or just hang out for a while and keep in touch.

There’s one big advantage to dating Russian women: you have a lot more chances to get your hopes up. A Russian woman is very confident about herself, and if you make the first move, it’s almost certain that she’ll fall for you. Don’t be shy, approach a Russian woman and you’re almost guaranteed to win – trust me! She’ll be more than happy to talk to you, and you won’t feel that you’ve been rejected. Don’t underestimate the power of Russian ladies!

Dewitt D. Anderson

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